Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys

Waldoch & McConnaughhay, P.A. represents clients in all aspects of Elder Law, including: planning and asset protection, special needs trust, estate planning, surrogate decision making and probate and trust administration.

Planning & Asset Protection

Our staff can help families dealing with the crushing costs and overwhelming mental and emotion toll involved with the care for elders or those with disabilities. We know the benefits and resources available to our clients and can assist with maximizing their options and ensuring the best quality of life for the client and for that client’s caregivers. Our staff is very familiar with benefits available under systems such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans’ Administration.

Special Needs Trust

Our firm handles the drafting of special needs trusts, vehicles that allow assets to be held for the use of those receiving public benefits. These trusts are governed by many areas of both federal and state law, and our attorneys are well-versed in the areas, providing both the client and the beneficiary of the trust with peace of mind throughout the process.

Estate Planning

We work with people of all ages who are taking steps to ensure that their estates are protected not only during life, but after death. This estate planning encompasses simple wills and trusts and extends to special planning necessary for those leaving assets to elders or those with disabilities who might need assistance or protection of those assets.

Surrogate Decision Making

Our attorneys can work with families to make sure that the proper tools are in place to allow caregivers to assist the elder or the person with a disability or, when appropriate, to assume the responsibilities of that person for protection, quality of life, or convenience.

Probate and Trust Administration

Waldoch and McConnaughhay assists our clients with the distribution of assets at death, ensuring that the wishes of the decedent are respected.